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GIAN’s Story

    At GIAN STUDIOS, we stand on the frontline of Conscious Business, Creative Innovation, and Applied Intuitive Knowledge. Founded by the visionary duo, Gian Shaant Kaur and Gian Tej Singh, our mission is to empower the vanguard of the New Era, facilitating our clients’ journey through this transformative era.


    Our essence is deeply intertwined with spirituality, drawing from the rich tapestry of Ancient Wisdom. Our practices encompass Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Devotional Work, among others, grounding us in traditions that transcend time. That being said we also love punk rock, a good joke, and the occasional donut.


    We dedicate ourselves to projects with profound transformative potential, those that have the ability to uplift humanity, redefine economic paradigms, and ensure the sustainability of our planet. Our commitment is to shepherd companies and industries through a pivotal frequency shift, guiding conscious entrepreneurs as they navigate the transition from the conventional 3D methodologies to a more enlightened 5D existence.


    At GIAN STUDIOS, we don’t just witness change; we are the change. Join us on this journey of transformation, where innovation meets intuition, and together, let’s redefine the future.


Fun Fact: We were both independently given the name “Gian” by The Spiritual Name Office at 3HO. “Gian” translates to: “Wisdom.” Coincidence or Destiny?

Decentralized Team. Global Talent

Gian Shaant - Carmen

Co-lead at Gian Studios

MSc Architect, UX Designer, Visionary,  Entrepreneur,

and an adept to Yogic Science and Galactic Wisdom.

Gian Tej - Colin

Co-lead at Gian Studios

A Seasoned Writer, Artist, Cinema Producer, Inventor, and

Thoughtful Business


Carsten Nordsieck

Pro Advisory

An Experienced Tech and Product Entrepreneur who has developed everything from Cyber Security Apps to Luxury Beauty Products.

Our Approach

We offer Consultation Missions tailored to each brand or business  to cover the need of knowing what to do with intelligence. We craft a set based on legacy, strategy,  and expansion.

Brand Magnetism for entrepreneurs that serve the wellbeing of the global community, in connection with the highest human potential.  Here we are crafting brands with Consciousness & Elegance without the ego.  This Service is oriented towards conscious leaders, star seeds, and catalysts of change who need a vibrant and contemporary image of their service.

The World need us all!


Clients’ Income during the Last 2023


Industries in transformation


Conscious Brands in more than 10 countries


Years of Experience All together

We’ve Been Covered

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