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Total Vibrational

Shift & Support.



With magnetism comes clarity and creativity.

Building magnetism allows to experience a deeper understanding of your own unique brilliance your Brand Radiance!


A 360° Transformational Playground to Thrive in a New Era. With clarity and focus we support your business by redirecting your life force energy toward a higher purpose. 

Our support extends to businesses, brands, and particularly women involved in alternative medicine, healing practices, and methods for navigating personal transformations.

Healing Arts

With the progression of technology, tasks become more manageable. Our aim is to help people leverage advanced technology to enhance their well-being. 

 Tech Ecosystems

Given the surge in AI, robotics, and automation, we advocate enhancing your business with WellAi tools and tapping into human Intuitive Knowledge capacities.

Innovation (Ai)

Industries we PLAY with

We are all changing & 

Your business will follow.

Together we collect more than 50 years of experience in transformative practices, art, design, branding, contemporary spirituality, strategy, business and life itself! 

The Story of GIAN Studios

Transformative Playground

GIAN STUDIOS is an Office for Innovation, Intuitive Knowledge & Creativity.

We help Elevate Your Brand & Realign Your Business To Serve a larger vision.

We love working with Change Makers  & Brands with purpose 

Listen to what they have to say

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

"The process of creating home for my business has made me recognize, reconnect, embrace and integrate my inner goddess and it is magical. It's fun and I feel at the peak of my soul power and also my creativity. Thank you thank you thank you"

Victoria Petrelli Hansson

Sand Projekt

“"As four souls creating together, having someone articulating our vision into a website with an elegant and minimalist look was a very great achievement, a work that is sophisticated and artistic”

Daniela de Oteyza, Mariana Morrison , Antonio Navas & Fabiana Reyna 

Message in a Bottle

"This very valuable space, I am very grateful. Gian Studios has helped me create my brand expression aligned to my purpose"

Enedina Gonzalez

Founder of Eneability

Brands we've supported along the path..

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